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New features and updates of Quick Tour Sheet Program version: May 2015

  • Expanded payables and consumables sections for better accounting.
  • Summary line provides important information, at-a-glance.
  • Mandatory data field control.

New features and updates of Quick Tour Sheet Program version: May 2013
  • Convenient 2 letter sized page print out.
  • Full control of licenced wells.
    Pop-up screen does not allow inputs until notification to geo is acknowledged.
  • Searchable Help file.
  • Final report can be exported to Excel and PDF files.
  • Now more than 90 descriptions available for daily inputs.

Features of Quick Tour Sheet Program version: May 2011
  • Easy to use (Driller training is approximately 30 min).
  • Made especially for oil sands operation, using input from over 50 drillers and toolpushers.
  • User-friendly dropdown menus.
  • Pick-list pop-up windows save typing and help promote consistency.
  • Signatures & initials are password protected.
  • Kelly down is automatically calculated.
  • Tracks water usage and mud products disposal.
  • Consumable materials, rig info, casing info, sampling, in-situ testing, and installation recording included.
  • Only the supervisor / rig manager can edit closed tour sheets.
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