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The WM Digital Frame is a complete project management software package that allows for planning at the early stages of planning of a project, to the project budget to full field execution and final reporting.

We developed all our software packages in-house, including equipment that are helping our clients keep their projects under budget, safely and on time.

Project Progress line and our software:

Project Planning ( WM PP) > Start of field Project (WM CM ) > Full budget control same LEM for all contractors (WM LEM) > Full Drilling / Coring control (WM DDT and WM RT ) > Project Daily Reporting for all parts of Project (WM Skyline) > Complete mapping tracking for loggers Rigs and Construction Equipment > ( WM RT) > Final Reporting

That includes:

PP – Prediction Program – A prediction tool using historical data to predict various aspects of future projects such as cost, number of rigs, and other resources required.

LEM – Labour Equipment Materials – Full control of all cost.

DDT – Digital Data Tracking – Our most powerful tool for web based drill, core, abandonment, auger, prog, borehole logs.

RM – Rig Monitoring – Prototype sensor system for depth using an accelerometer, RPM, SPM, Torque (Psi), Pump Pressure (Psi), Feed Pressure (Psi), ROP (m/h).

RT – Rig Tracker – Interactive mapping for construction details, rig locations, and drilling & coring statistics.

CM - Construction Monitoring – Efficient link that tracks all data points between all members of the construction groups (i.e. survey, construction, drilling, and environmental).

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