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  • Easy to use, web-based contractor timesheet system for submitting, approving, and tracking time, equipment and material quantities and costs.
  • Developed to simplify the timesheet approval process and enable real-time cost tracking.
  • Reduces time spent on back and forth signing process.


  • Provides flexibility and quick access to LEM data.
  • Simplifies approval and tracking process, improves productivity for field supervisors.
  • Decreases chance of errors.
  • Real time, flexible cost tracking information, exportable to MS Excel.
  • Users can easily see which LEMs are signed or still pending.
  • Eliminates paper use.
  • Cut down the time of signing LEMs considerably by three weeks on a four‐month project.
  • Allows for better estimate for future projects leading to more profitable projects overall.


  • Valuable tool for clients and contractors of all levels.
  • Especially advantageous for operations with multiple contractors and contracts.
  • Supervisors, Project Managers, Contract Coordinators, Administration, Billing, etc…
  • No training or experience with system required –very easy to use, and support is available onsite and remotely.


  • Simple and intuitive user interface. Easy and effective to use.
  • Web‐based software, accessible from any computer, phone or tablet with internet access.
  • Unique user accounts and secure sign ins.
  • 3 account types: contractor (restricted accesscan only see their own company’s info), supervisor (timesheet approvers), and client view‐only (cost trackers).
  • Separate Dashboards and accounts set up for each program/project/group.
  • Signatures are made easy by builtin DocuSign, a leading electronic signature technology.
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