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Policies / Bidding Procedures

Wellsite Masters strives to maintain the highest employment standards, and does so by adhering to the strict rules and regulations which govern the bidding process. We always solicit a minimum of three bids for each contract, every part of the project is bid out, and we work closely with the client in choosing the most successful bidders. This ensures a fair and equitable process for choosing the best contractors. Wellsite Masters has built a base of 50 proven contractors, from whom we solicit bids, and we always try to use local contractors, whenever possible. For oil sands projects, we start this process in May of each year, in order to ensure that all the services, licensing, and permits are lined-up by September.

Our highest priority is safety, and we work very hard to address all the safety issues for every project. This includes preparing a full safety hazard analysis for each project, and dealing with the leaders in the industry, so you are always assured of the best possible service.

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