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The entire WM-DDT System can be used indoors or outdoors.

Indoor use: system is mounted on a 3’x2’ metal board and operates on 110V.

Outdoor use: system is mounted in a tough Pelican case and operates on 12V.

  • Drill Tour – Daily tracking of drilling activity
  • Auger Tour – Daily tracking of all sampling and installation operations
  • Abandonment Tour – Daily tracking of any abandonment activity
  • Core Tour – Digital labeling and core sheet

Included in all WM systems: computer, smart communications system, full suite of WM software, battery backup, keyboard, and printer (except for small mobile unit).

All inputs are instantly saved (backups are created at each keystroke).

Training time ~ 45 min.

Drill Tour

  • Full control over daily activity.
  • Fully customizable payroll.
  • Tracking of all consumables.
  • Increased rig operation efficiency.
  • Quick and easy billing to client.
  • Reduction of field mistakes.
  • Built in logistics for drilling inputs.
  • Fully web based and can be accessed by clients anywhere on a web browser or on a mobile phone.
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