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Prog Program August 2019

New program for digital progs that geologists can use and edit on location. These can be saved as pdf and accessed online by client anytime anywhere.

Rig Tracker July 2019

The software was successfully tested during the summer drilling program. Using gps coordinates and latest field map uploaded by clients, we have live tracking of all rigs. The data is fed directly from the field with 15 minute updates.

Create Prediction Program using ML April 2019

Using data from previous 5 years we were able to implement a machine learning algorithm to predict cost and other aspects of a project. Categories include DATES, INSTRUMENTS / "Installation Cost", Instruments Cost, LOGGING, Warm Core, LAB, RIG COUNT, AFE CODE
Cost can be broken down in five ways: Complete Project Breakdown, Project Cost by Type, Project Cost by Opportunity Manager, COST PER RIG TYPE, COST PER AFE.

New Auger Labelling Program January 2019

Label grab samples – no more Sample Card writings

New Auger Labeling Program. You can produce Easy Sample Log and print digital labels for all type of Geotech Samples

Complete New Hardware for Communication and Computers December 2018

New computers and communications boxes

New LEM System March 2018

Easy to use, web-based contractor timesheet system for submitting, approving, and tracking time, equipment and material quantities and costs.
Developed to simplify the timesheet approval process and enable real-time cost tracking
Reduces time spent on back and forth signing process.
Currently the eLEM system is being utilized at 7 various projects.

New DDT System November 2017

DDT is our most powerful piece of software as each rig from each contractor can see all the wells from each unit, various search criterias, easy navigation through different tours, full size printer labels for core samples.
Other benefits include:

  • Full control over daily activity
  • Fully customizable payroll
  • Tracking of all consumables
  • Increased rig operation efficiency
  • Quick and easy billing to client
  • Reduction of field mistakes
  • Built in logistics for drilling inputs
  • Fully web based and can be accessed by clients anywhere on a web browser or on a mobile phone

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