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Grande Cache Coal Corporation:


  • Clean coal silo monorail installation– design and drafting of 5T monorail structure.
  • Dryer building screws conveyor motor installation- replacement of existing motors with four new motors.
  • Pumps #7821 and #7825 monorail design- monorail supports design.
  • Conveyor #5730 repair- evaluation and repair of conveyor #5730 steel structure.


  • Screen installation back up unit- floor evaluation and modification for new screen back unit
  • C-filter platform installation- design and drafting of access platform around C-filter.
  • Mine #8 truck wash ramp design- design and drafting of heavy truck ramp.

  • Magnetite building expansion- design and drafting of a rigid steel frame building supported by a concrete foundation.
  • Clean coal silo inspection- inspection and evaluation of existing concrete silo structure.
  • Mine #7 dust support structure- design and drafting of steel structure support for dust control around Mine #7 stack conveyor.


  • SIZETEC: Intensive Dewatering System- WME designed a new dewatering system for the Coal Preparation plant.
  • Conveyor #28- belts replacement

  • By-passing conveyor system- WME was involved in the engineering, design, and construction of supports for a new conveyor system for the Coal Preparation plant.
  • Bridge evaluation and assessment of the Pipes Bridge over the Smoky River- WME evaluated the existing condition of the Pipes Bridge

Suncor Energy


  • FTPH roof assessment and inspection- DBM Phase– the design and drafting of a roof structure.


  • Steepbank extraction plant- PIT 300- the design and drafting of various civil / structural projects.
  • Extraction plant 300- "Flushing Line Installation"- the modification of an existing piping system.


  • FTPH roof assessment and inspection Phases 2 and 3- WME evaluated the existing roof structure for the Final Tailing Pump House Scoping Study.


  • Slurry Booster System Relocation- WME was involved in the design and construction of support for the relocation of an existing slurry booster system.

Black & Veatch Canada


  • EPCOR- Clover Bar Energy Centre, Units 2 and 3- Construction Support
    WME supplied labor, services, resources, and consultants to support the construction of the Clover Bar Energy Centre. WME assigned a professional engineer to perform the task of field review, in order to insure that construction complied with the Alberta Building Code. WME supported the owner in his efforts to obtain a building permit.

Surepoint Services Inc.


  • C-Container prototype- structural engineering and design

Precision Steel & Manufacturing Ltd.

  • Syncrude- temporary steel support for feeder.
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