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We have established a unique Drilling Command Center for field operations, with complete control over all drilling activities, including: mining, thermal wells, geo-tech and hydrogeology. From the DCC, we are able to oversee the entire project including: surveying, construction, augering, drilling, geology, logging, installations, abandonment, forestry regulations, and complex mine / site orientations (which are unique for every site in the oil sands region). The WM Digital Frame forms the heart of the DCC, where the entire process (site maps, lease statuses, daily drilling statistics, all field data, etc) is captured and displayed on a large LCD screen (42” and larger) for quick and easy access to both the raw data and a multitude of reports and summaries which can be generated on demand. Wellsite Masters is the first company to track an entire project digitally, the primary benefits of which are a reduction in costs (materials and time), improved access to information (better communication), and improved quality of the collected data. Wellsite Masters has a vigorous quality control process, part of which is performing advanced logging checks and dealing with many geological problems, right at the source.

AT WM, we pride ourselves on our motto of “Our Commitment to Safety and Quality".

We offer the following Project Management options:

  • Supervising Team only
  • Partial Turnkey
  • Full Turnkey

Partial Turnkey and Full Turnkey for Drilling and/or Coring Programs
Over the past 10 years, Wellsite Masters has become a leader in organizing successful contractors for complex drilling projects in this region.
WM starts this process in May of each year, in order to ensure that all the services, licensing, and permits are lined up by September. In partial turnkey service, the client is responsible for the bidding process and will receive invoices from each individual contractor on the project. In the full turnkey service, the WM Team will manage the bidding process and the client will receive a single invoice, at the agreed frequency, for the term of the project.

When planning for Partial or Full Turnkey, the following services will be organized:

  • Drilling / Coring rigs
  • Construction (all phases)
  • Pre-set casing rigs
  • Cementing
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Water trucks
  • Rig transportation
  • Core transportation
  • Wireline logging
  • Camp accommodations
  • Communications (radio, satellite, and cell phone)
  • Misc. services
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