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This is a special purpose management tool used to track all data points relevant to the construction groups that are involved in a resource project. It enables management to have an overview of all the construction data, across the entire span of the project.

Main Features

Optimize Communication

Differing objectives and/or goals between the various stakeholders, groups, or divisions within a project can lead to losses (i.e stand-by time) unless effective communication is maintained between all parties. The WM Construction Database creates an efficient link between all members of the construction groups (i.e. survey, construction, drilling, and environmental).

Track Costs and Schedules

The database tools are able to monitor costs against productivity and performance, in real time.

Task Overview and Follow Up

Users have the ability to see which tasks are assigned to them, and to easily mark their completion.
Management can monitor and coordinate all tasks, thereby ensuring a smooth workflow throughout the project.

Reduction of Paper

A centralized database greatly reduces the number of physical documents produced, the potential for loss of data, and the amount of time and monies spent.

Cost Control

A suite of database tools allow management to generate detailed reports of costs, and prevent over-runs through proper oversight.

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